What our customers are saying…

“The screen printing and colors are vibrant and pleasing to the eye. The containers sell themselves. All in all, we are pleased with all of the containers we’ve had personally screen printed and our customers also seemed pleased. Thank you.”
Rosemary Slack
Northern Wisconsin Maid Sugarbush
Park Falls, WI

“Everytime the customer uses one, my sugarhouse name and address is in their hand and on their table, which reminds them to order more when the need arises. The Sugarhill private label option was definitely the correct choice to make for my business.”
Tom McCrumm
South Face Farm
Ashfield, MA

“Many thanks to Eric and the whole crew for creating a lovely jug for us. It was a pleasure doing business with you, from the factory tour to our evening pick up on the day we were promised. Why can’t other businesses operate like you?!”
Mrs. Terry Morse
Maple Hill Farm

“Many of our customers have commented on our (Sugarhill®) jugs. These happy people give us repeat sales which help make a happy producer”
Lee Luchenbill
Maple Acres
Kewadin, MI

“Thanks so much. The new jug design looks beautiful. We already have customers picking up jugs with the new design in favor of the old. Thanks for using our design, and for your quick service.”
Mrs. Pam Green
Greens Sugar House