High Density Polyethylene Plastic #2 is typically opaque and one of the top 2 most recycled plastics in the world.  This plastic is safe for direct food contact.

Examples of our innovations and sustainability


  • Enhanced barrier without impacting recyclability
  • Proprietary XL coating process utilized on Maple Syrup bottles improving O2 barrier and extending life of syrup grade
  • R&D project ongoing utilizing new additives to enhance O2 and H2O barrier properties for food applications
  • All efforts allow #2 HDPE Universal recycling code – no “7” (Other)


  • Commercialized Nutritional Supplement canisters made from 100% Food Grade PCR
  • Developed Light weight alternative for automotive aftermarket – Commercial options for…
    • Standard weight with 25% PCR or
    • 10% weight reduction for virgin HDPE
  • Partnered with mold maker to design lightweight dairy bottle – weight savings up to 17%
  • 10 Strategically located plants across the US including regional, near-site and one-site facilities resulting in lower transportation, energy and handling costs.