About Plastic Industries



Headquartered in Nashua, NH, Plastic Industries is a high-volume manufacturer of blowmolded, high-density polyethylene bottles for food, specialty beverage, dairy, health and wellness and household, and industrial product markets.

Our nine modern facilities, state-of-the-art technologies, and nearly 600 well-trained personnel enable us to continuously create top-quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and PET products for our clients across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and West Coast regions of the United States. We also offer custom bottle design, decoration service, inventory management, and pride ourselves on our sustainable solutions.

We use an operator-based quality system to maintain best-in-class standards and utilize a digital database for real-time product tracking that ensures dependable, high-quality production. Our cost-competitive products consistently meet our high standards for a wide range of applications, whether for small local customers or for national industrial, nutraceutical, and food service customers.

Our facilities follow strict guidelines for quality control and are all IMS, AIB, GFSI, and SQF certified to assure the highest standards for our customers. But it’s our people who make our products great. With extensive blow-molding experience and a thorough understanding of the plastic industry, we believe our people are the best in the business.

Ultimately, our primary focus is on our consumers—we’re dedicated to providing the highest level of quality in everything we do. We take pride in offering excellent client service and being always attentive to customer needs. Our mission is to offer the plastic products on the market.

Our Waste Philosophy

Our company is dedicated to eliminating all types of waste—adhering to a waste philosophy first identified by Taiichi Ohno. According to Ohno, there are seven types of waste: transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, over-production, over-processing, and defects. We’ve gone a step further and included human productivity waste as well as—employee resources, time, and expertise.

We use this lean manufacturing and management philosophy to account for all kinds of waste and integrate each step of production into a holistic, efficient process that reduces cost and improves overall revenue. This ensures we’re operating with the greatest efficiency and most environmentally-friendly processes possible.