High Density Polyethylene Plastic #2 is typically opaque and picked up by most curbside recycling programs. This plastic is one of the 3 plastics considered to be safe, and is considered a low-hazard plastic. It is often used for milk, water and juice bottles, as well as bottles for cleaning supplies and shampoo. It’s also used to make grocery bags and cereal box liners.

Examples of our innovations and sustainability


  • Enhanced barrier without impacting recyclability
  • Proprietary XL coating process utilized on Maple Syrup bottles improving O2 barrier and extending life of syrup grade
  • R&D project ongoing utilizing new additives to enhance O2 and H2O barrier properties for food applications
  • All efforts allow #2 HDPE Universal recycling code – no “7” (Other)


  • Commercialized Nutritional Supplement canisters made from 100% Food Grade PCR
  • Developed Light weight alternative for automotive aftermarket – Commercial options for…
    • Standard weight with 25% PCR or
    • 10% weight reduction for virgin HDPE
  • Partnered with mold maker to design lightweight dairy bottle – weight savings up to 17%
  • 10 Strategically located plants across the US including regional, near-site and one-site facilities resulting in lower transportation, energy and handling costs.